There’s An Easier Way

Stop motion is tough. Most people don’t do it because you’re forced to tediously take picture after picture. Not anymore.

With Locomotion, you just record a video of your scene, moving your characters and their environment (just take your hands and self out of the camera frame after each pose). Then add your video to the Locomotion App, and it’ll do the work of making a beautiful stop motion video.

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Stop motion animation is cool partly because it’s insanely hard to make.
— CHRIS HIGGINS (Mental Floss)
It’s the worst way to make a movie. It makes no sense. You’re cutting your hands and contorting your body. But it’s an incredible art form that is so rare and so beautiful.
— Travis Knight (Director)
Stop motion is nightmarish. It takes so much more effort and time, as each movement has to be adjusted for in sometimes ridiculously small intervals. Now granted, you can end up with fewer frames per second in stop motion, but it’s still insane.
— Shawn Kratzer (Quora)